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North Caldwell, New Jersey



Hear is what others has to say 

Margarette's Testimonial

"The course by Bob Proctor and the enthusiastic Elsie Koh, my executive coach, have inspired me to pursue new revenue sources, have a calmer home life, and has enabled me to help others along their path.  Besides having my own medical consulting business, I’ve expanded my career goals to include my passion in photography and gardening.  I’ve started my own blog which has already received over a thousand hits, got my work printed three times in magazines, been on a radio interview on pollinators, did a photoshoot with a makeup artist, and have a video being evaluated for marketing at a prestigious spa resort. This program helps you to realize your endless potential, and I highly recommend it." - H. Andrews.

"This program came to me at the right time when I was trying to figure out ways to change my life.  I knew something had to change.  I just didn’t see what and how I could do this.  I was working two jobs 6-7 days a week to pay for my daughters’ tuition as a single parent.  Going through Bob Proctor’s program with Elsie helped me break through my terror barriers by working on my paradigms, or belief system.  Her guidance gave me the courage to come out of my comfort zone and achieve bigger and better.  I now have started my own business, something I never would have dreamt would happen, in just a few months!  Today, I am becoming more and more financially secure and I see my life getting easier.  I’m much more confident that I can achieve anything by applying her teachings to all areas of my life!  I’m even eating healthier, my body is in better shape, and I have so much energy. Thank you, Dr. Koh and Bob Proctor!" - M.S.

"Elsie is passionate about helping others reach their dreams. She’s dedicated, focused and brings her all to every endeavor. Authentic and caring, Elsie helps everyone she works with create the results they’re seeking!" – J.P.

"Elsie has been a friend of ours for many years. Everyone from pre-teens to women heading into the next decades of their lives can benefit from Elsie's advice." – M.H.

"Elsie and Bob Proctor's program, Thinking Into Results, has changed so much of my life.  Due to life circumstances, I became a very quiet person afraid to speak up and make important decisions. I also did not know what goals in life were.  Elsie and the program have made me believe in myself. I am now able to attract whatever it is that I want. I am now a more confident person and I'm able to make important decisions both at work and in my personal life.  I am so happy and grateful now that I know exactly what I want and each day I am closer to that goal. Elsie is an amazing coach. I will forever be grateful for landed in this path. I highly recommend this

program!" – J. D.

"I found out Bob Proctor’s TIR program through Elsie this spring. It was a real eye opener for me. I was in the middle of very difficult time of my life, but Elsie guided me how to overcome my fears, build up my self-confidence, and keep my persistence.  Without this program, I would've not been able to think, feel and act the way I do now. If you feel stuck in your life and you’re willing to change for the better, I definitely recommend you to join.  You won’t regret." - Yuko

"All throughout my TIR program Elsie has guided us all in such a positive and caring manner. I feel she has a way to gently ask questions in order for me to think and come up with my own answers all while being there to steer me in the right direction when needed. 

Her belief in me as well as Bob assisted in jump-starting my journey towards my C type goals. I have come so far with Elsie by my side, more so than going about this journey alone. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me!! The program is organized and Else keeps me on track. Her passion for assisting others is authentic. It's been one of the best investments I've made in myself; I've seen benefits in my personal and professional life. Big and small. She reminds me of the small steps needed to reach my desired results." - MB, Florida

“Thinking into Results is the perfect course to help empower a change in your life. Since joining my goals are clear and reachable. I am calmer, happier and excited about my future.  Elsie is a wonderful facilitator with a wide range of experiences and so many related learnings. She blends her own personal journey with the course material to make it real, so it touches your emotions and soul. She has made the possibilities a reality.  The structure of the course allows for sharing in a safe environment with others who are supportive and caring. It’s an intimate setting geared to help us reach our dreams. Bob Proctor’s course is extremely organized with a real purpose of self-fulfillment.  He has so many other tools available as well. The course has truly changed my life!” - KW